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Newsletter for June 2022

Forever Friends Quilting Newsletter

Welcome Quilting Friends and Crafters
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Summer is just around the corner and we are loving the beautiful weather! So many new lines are arriving almost weekly and our store keeps growing....


Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm 
Saturday       10am to 4pm


We are working on building our batiks in the store, the colors and collections are growing with more on the way!

Did you know.....?

What is Batik?


Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming ever more popular and well known among contemporary artists all over the world, as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth using wax and dye, has been practiced for centuries in many parts of the world including China, Japan, India, South America and Europe. In Java, an island in Indonesia, batik is part of an ancient tradition, and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is still made there. The word batik originates from the Javanese word “tik” which means to dot. Batik is both a verb (to batik) and a noun (a batik – an object made by batiking!). Batik is usually made on a fabric surface (such as cotton, silk, linen, rayon or hemp), but batik techniques can also be used on paper, wood, leather and even a ceramic surface.



Stichin'n Friends Sew Space 

 “Stichin’ Friends” sew space has had some visitors over the last month but spaces are still available!  You don't need to be a quilter to sign up for table rental, we welcome all crafting friends! 

Unfortunately due to lack of interest we had to cancel Binding, Binding, Binding with Melinda

Please visit our Classes & Events on our website to book your sew days with us.
Our table rentals are 20$ per day, this includes access to a cutting table, pressing table, iron, and great company

We also invite all crafters to come join us, Scrapbooking, Cross Stitching, Diamond Painting, Paint Night, or any other crafting groups, please spread the word!

If you’re interested in having a group rate for your crafty group please send us a message at or call us at 403-322-3374

(also note that we have limited space available)



 Classes & Events


Upcoming Classes

Beginner Quilting Classes - Coming Soon 


Stain Glass Quilting Class - Coming Soon


Our hours of operations in store are;
Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm,
Saturday 10am to 4pm,
Sunday & Monday Closed
Our online shop is open 24hrs 7 days a week  visit us at;

Our Pattern Pick of the Month!


"Howdy Christmas"

 Chirstmas is just around the corner time to start our holiday projects!!

Just looking for a beautiful wall hanging or a lap quilt to keep you loved ones warm on those cold days?
This beautiful pattern gives you three sizes to choose from just a simple wall hanging or a lap quilt to keep you loved ones warm on those cold days?

Twin - 73 1/2" x 93 1/2"

Lap - 45 1/2" x 65 1/2"

Wall - 28 1/2" x 48 1/2"

By Patti Carey of Patti's Patchwork


Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating in June

Fathers Day June 19th
National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21


BOM - Block of the Month

Georgia's BOM Blog!

Month 2   

I am assuming that you have all been busy completing your Month 1 block and have encountered no real problems. I hope you are all watching your ¼ inch seam allowance and remembering to press not iron your blocks because all of those bias edges will give you trouble later if you are not paying attention to the basics. 

Month 2 is very straight forward as long as you are careful to label all of the components and fabrics and pay attention to the diagrams for proper layout etc. You are making pinwheel blocks that will give movement to your quilt when you begin to put it together starting in month 7.  

Again, I will be available to help you with any problems or concerns on Friday, May 27 from 10 to 2 at the shop.  If you have problems before then, you can always stop by and both Rachelle and Maggie will try to answer your questions if I am not there. 


Enjoy month 2 and call if you are needing help or have questions. 


BLOCK # 3 will be ready for pick up on June 13


Sewing Machine Service & Repair provided by “A Sewing Solution
Service Technician - Sean Beckstead 

For more information please contact us at 403-333-3374 

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