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A story of a friendship that started 40+ years ago and has been stitched together year after year creating the quilt of our lives. We met as young girls and have grown and learned together.
We share the same passions and love of all we do together. Some might say we are inseparable.

Rachelle has a beautiful family including her husband of 20+ years, 5 beautiful daughters and 5 grandchildren with number six that has just arrived.... so exciting.
Maggie's has been married to her husband for 20+ years and has 4 wonderful sons and 4 grandchildren.

Rachelle and Maggie took up quilting as a hobby over 5 years ago and soon it became more than just a hobby, it became a dream of so much more.

We hope you enjoy our online store and please feel free to send us comments or suggestions at any time, we will always be open to new ideas and look forward to hearing from you.

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